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Ontario Wildlife Rescue is reporting two new cases of raccoon strain Rabies from the week of March 24, 2016 in Hamilton area which include 1 raccoon and 1 skunk. This brings the total raccoon strain cases to 70 since December 2015 (51 raccoon and 19 skunks).

All pets should be vaccinated for Rabies, even if they are an indoor cat! There is still a risk they may sneak outside or catch a bat (which are notorious for carrying Rabies). Please call Livingston Animal Hospital if you would like to schedule an appointment to vaccinate or would like to know about the status of your pets vaccinations.

You can minimize your pets risk for exposure by ensuring that they are kept safely indoors at night and checking at all times for wildlife before letting them outside. Block off any openings underneath porches or sheds as well as keep all pet food indoors. If you happen to see a raccoon or skunk behaving oddly such as wandering in broad daylight, approaching humans or hyper-salivating contact the City of Hamilton Animal Control at (905) 574-3433. More information can be found on their website