Registered Veterinary Technician

I’m Raneem but most people call me Ray. I’m a 2017 graduate of the Seneca College Veterinary Technician Program. I started working at Livingston Animal hospital in May 2018 and have enjoyed it ever since! Prior to working at Livingston Animal Hospital, I spent my first year out of Tech school working at a 24 hour animal hospital where I learned many wonderful techniques and dealt with emergency situations. Born in Amman, Jordan I was surrounded by stray animals as a kid and found so much joy in helping my uncle feed and care for them. We welcomed my feline best friend, Mushmush into our family when I was 10 years old and through my love for him, I knew that caring for animals was a passion of mine. I went on to spend my childhood volunteering at animal shelters and hospitals like the HBSPCA, before heading off to college to pursue my dream career as an RVT!

I discovered a new found love for large animal medicine after tending to the horses and sheep at college and I’m always eager to learn more about the field. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by co-workers that are amazing at what they do because it means we all try our hardest to ensure the best possible care is being given to every animal at our clinic. During my time outside of Livingston Animal Hospital, I hang out with my loved ones, enjoy hiking and dinner dates with friends and always look forward to enjoying a good book with Mushie by my side!