In Memory

In Memory of Maverick (2003 – 2016)

Maverick, my Heart Dog, was my one constant through all my ‘adult’ changes in life – jobs, apartments, relationships, etc.  He was my outlet for laughs, fun, entertainment, and unconditional love.  To top it off, he was as cute as a real life teddy bear. I would often look at him with awe that he was real and all mine.

It wasn’t just me that loved Maverick. He was the type of dog that people remembered and fawned over because his personality and temperament were so extraordinary. Shelties are characteristically shy and timid but Maverick was far from it. He would whimper until I allowed him to greet every dog on the street, and he would say hello to all people without any qualms.

There was “something about Maverick”, people would say, which is a grand understatement. He will always be remembered and loved.
In Maverick’s memory and to help others have the opportunity to showcase their Heart Dog love story, I created a website called – here you can read more details about Maverick, read other tributes, and contribute your own.

In Memory of Belle (2002 – 2016)

She loved the outdoors and loved to be outside whenever she could, chasing rabbits and squirrels when she could. She had a job that she picked herself – bringing in the paper every day. Belle was a fighter and had to face many medical adversities in her lifetime from chronic allergies to crucial repairs on both hind legs. She loved her Mom and family very much and would do anything for them.



Prince Buddy Bubbles Couture (Feb 13, 2005 – March 5, 2017)

Buddy made friends everywhere and loved food, whether it was pacing the kitchen upon detecting meatballs or stalking the carving of the turkey.

Bud joined many vacations. The last in January to see Maddy at Western, where he was briefly a puppy again. Bud liked sleeping by the fireplace and on any lap. He did a lot of it. Sleep well Bud.

Thanks to everyone who spoiled Buddy and to Dr.B and team for treating him (and us) so well. Thank you Buddy for being a boundless source of joy that can’t die.


In Memory of Bailey (2005 – 2018)

We knew Bailey was the one from the first day we met her. She picked us at the breeder and on our drive home I remember her sleeping peacefully on my chest.

Right from the very beginning Bailey taught us about selflessness, responsibility and love that was on another level. She was our first baby and we were so fortunate to have her as we began our journey into adulthood. Treats were devoured, many a pant leg were playfully held on to as we walked, we even went to pug parties. Time flew by, weeks turned to months and then years.

Our son was born and then our daughter, life became hectic. Bailey would always be there for a snuggle and she would always greet us at the front door with her tail wagging, full of unconditional love. Bailey loved to follow us around waiting for treats especially Rollovers, her eyes would literally bug out (if a pug’s eyes could bug out more) for them.

It was hard watching Bailey get old, she didn’t want to go on walks as much and she started sleeping all day. But even in old age there were always head butts into legs and snorts of affection. We’ll never forget her cute little face, her soft ears and the way her paws smelled. We’ll never forget the way you cocked your head when we talked to you and all your barking at the front window.

Bailey you being gone has left a huge hole in our family, one that will never be filled. Everyone misses you so much Bailey. We love you from the bottom of our hearts and we know we’ll see you again one day.