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Dave McMahon – Dog Behaviourist

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From The Expert
“Solutions To Common Dog Problems”
Presented by Dave McMahon

Dave McMahon is the owner and operator of Dave McMahon’s Dog Training Academy, located in Niagara Falls. Dave has been coaching dog owners on how to train their dogs for over 26 years. He is a Professor of Animal Studies at Niagara College Canada, Host of the popular Radio talk show called “Dog Talk” on 610am on Sunday mornings, and is Author of “Obedience Training For the Family Dog”.

On October.25, 2015 Dave will discuss:

  • solutions to common dog problems
  • dog bite prevention
  • how to choose the right circle of dog friends at the dog park
  • Dave will also be available to answer individual questions on behaviour

Hilary Watson- Pet Nutrition Consultant

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Pet Nutrition
“Happy Tummies, Long Life.”
Presented by Hilary Watson, Author of Hilary’s Complete & Balanced Cookbook,
and Nutrition Columnist for ‘Dogs in Canada’ Magazine

Hilary has been employed as a pet nutrition consultant for almost 30 years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, and has completed graduate level PhD courses in comparative animal nutrition. Hilary has taught undergraduate pet nutrition courses at Vet Colleges, has been invited to speak at over 10 regional Veterinary Conferences, and has conducted many pet nutrition workshops for pet professionals and pet owners.

On May.30th, Hilary spoke about:

  • home cooking for your pet- regardless of food format, 4 nutrition principles apply
  • alternatives to traditional pet foods (raw/home-cooked, the pros and cons)
  • how to evaluate the quality of a pet food.

This talk was tailored for both the average healthy pet, and for pets with ongoing health issues.

“…very good information given! We learned a lot!”

“……..Hilary was a great speaker and we enjoyed hearing her talk”

“….so much information, however not enough time.
I wish you could have her back!”


Laura Arseneau – Certified Pet Massage Practitioner

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Pets Need Massage Therapy Too
“How To Work Through Those Kinks.”
Presented by Laura Arseneau, certified pet massage practitioner

Laura is certified in canine massage and bach flower remedies. She started her practice over a year ago and offers a mobile service to pet owners in the Niagara region. On April. 11th Laura spoke about the benefits of pet massage, followed by a demonstration on 4 basic strokes you as a owner can do to help your pet at home.

Benefits of massage include:

  • support of orthopedic conditions like arthritis
  • improved flexibility and range of motion
  • improves healing time after surgery
  • help rehabilitate rescued pets
  • decreases anxiety
  • renews energy and pleasure in life.

    “…who knew there were so many simple steps to give your pet relief!”
    “…enjoyed this talk! Laura and ‘Desi’ were a great addition to the speaker series”

    laura       laura2

Dr Anna Perlikowski

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Dr Anna Perlikowski worked at the Hamilton/Burlington Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animalswhich is not a government organization. It is a registered charitable, not-for-profit organization devoted to the prevention of cruelty to animals. The Society relies strongly on public and corporate donations, legacies, and fundraising campaigns to achieve its objectives. They have placed a chair in the cat visitation room in loving memory of Anna. A Pomeranian had to be the first customer since they were one of her favorite breeds


Gary Jack- St. John Ambulance, Emergencies For Pets

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9-1-1 What’s Your Emergency? “How To Help Your Pet In An Emergency” by Gary Jack, BA, MScED, CSJ – St. John Ambulance Instructor Gary is a retired elementary school teacher, who has taught all levels of First Aid and CPR from babysitting, to firefighters for over 30 years. He teaches SPCA staff, groomers, dog walkers, dog trainers, and the general public who want to feel more comfortable if anything happens to their pets. The course is designed more for dogs and cats but will often discuss other pets and farm animals. On Nov.7th, 2015, Gary Jack will discuss safety approaching the injured or sick animal, and what to carry in a first aid kit. Using Manikins Gary will demonstrate how to check for vital signs and how to perform CPR. He will address what to do with a choking pet, and how to dress and bandage a wound in an emergency situation. More topics will include Hypothermia, heat stroke, poisons, bites, stings, bloat, how to stabilize your pet while rushing to your veterinarian’s hospital.

Dave and Kathy from Teecreek Training

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Your Dog and You
“How to use positive training to create the most rewarding relationship in your life.”
Presented by Dave Harris & Kathy Warren of TeeCreek Dog Training School, located in Niagara Falls Ontario,

Dave and Kathy have offered for over 25 years, all levels of training in obedience, agility and herding; from a fun level right up to high performance competition levels.

Their philosophy is to use positive reinforcement, without using physical power. TeeCreek also believes regardless if your dog is old or young, all dogs will benefit from any level of fun activity.

On March.7, TeeCreek’s topics will cover: how this dynamic duo have seen the evolution of the human-dog bond over the past 25 years, puppy training, socialization of your puppy or adult dog, healthy games for your pet, crate training (Puppies/Adults), manners and how to prepare your pet for their visits to the vet and groomer.