May 30 2015

Hilary Watson- Pet Nutrition Consultant

Pet Nutrition
“Happy Tummies, Long Life.”
Presented by Hilary Watson, Author of Hilary’s Complete & Balanced Cookbook,
and Nutrition Columnist for ‘Dogs in Canada’ Magazine

Hilary has been employed as a pet nutrition consultant for almost 30 years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, and has completed graduate level PhD courses in comparative animal nutrition. Hilary has taught undergraduate pet nutrition courses at Vet Colleges, has been invited to speak at over 10 regional Veterinary Conferences, and has conducted many pet nutrition workshops for pet professionals and pet owners.

On May.30th, Hilary spoke about:

  • home cooking for your pet- regardless of food format, 4 nutrition principles apply
  • alternatives to traditional pet foods (raw/home-cooked, the pros and cons)
  • how to evaluate the quality of a pet food.

This talk was tailored for both the average healthy pet, and for pets with ongoing health issues.

“…very good information given! We learned a lot!”

“……..Hilary was a great speaker and we enjoyed hearing her talk”

“….so much information, however not enough time.
I wish you could have her back!”


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