Mar 07 2015

Dave and Kathy from Teecreek Training

Your Dog and You
“How to use positive training to create the most rewarding relationship in your life.”
Presented by Dave Harris & Kathy Warren of TeeCreek Dog Training School, located in Niagara Falls Ontario,

Dave and Kathy have offered for over 25 years, all levels of training in obedience, agility and herding; from a fun level right up to high performance competition levels.

Their philosophy is to use positive reinforcement, without using physical power. TeeCreek also believes regardless if your dog is old or young, all dogs will benefit from any level of fun activity.

On March.7, TeeCreek’s topics will cover: how this dynamic duo have seen the evolution of the human-dog bond over the past 25 years, puppy training, socialization of your puppy or adult dog, healthy games for your pet, crate training (Puppies/Adults), manners and how to prepare your pet for their visits to the vet and groomer.

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